ICA Bangladesh envisages to establish a culture of participation from the grassroots in order that individuals, groups, communities, and organizations are enabled to contribute to their desired changes through interventions in the areas of poverty reduction, environment, agriculture, education, health and natural resource with the aid of ICA’s participatory methods and tools in Bangladesh.


ICA Bangladesh operates as a people-oriented and human-centered partner of change based on participatory planning and development initiatives through ICA values, approaches and methods.



Each individual has the capacity to effect change in his/her situation. In a group of people, therefore, every individual should be given the chance to participate, in order to build a sustainable pattern of change or development. It is ICA’s belief that a group’s cultural dynamics must be considered in order to build any sustainable pattern of change or development.


Goals and Objectives

  • ICA Bangladesh is aimed to realize the followings focusing participation in all spheres of development in order to bring about positive change in the situation of the people of Bangladesh:
  • Introduce ICA spirit, ideals, methods and techniques in Bangladesh;
  • Organize ICA activities and events in Bangladesh;
  • Conduct training on ICA methods and tools including TOP, group facilitation skills;
  • Facilitate partners of development and change including governments;
  • Develop appropriate programs addressing development issues and problems;
  • Undertake community development projects inculcating poverty alleviation and self-reliance spirits;
  • Coordinate between Dhaka ICA and other ICAs worldwide;
  • Contribute to the national and global development research, policy and planning;
  • Bridge between ICA and other development agencies home and abroad;
  • Extend hand for cooperation with different stakeholders in various development sectors;
  • Assist backward and underprivileged groups in initiating substantial changes to their status.
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