Training & Facilitiation


Technology of Participation

ICA Bangladesh holds training sessions and facilitation workshops for national NGOs and organizations as well as for its own staffs, using ToP (Technology of Participation) methods.
These training courses include ToP – Group Facilitation Methods (GFM), Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP), Trainers of Training (ToT), Social Artistry Leadership training and HIV/AIDS training. In addition, ICA Bangladesh also provides training and facilitation session throughout a community development project.
Training Courses for group, community and personal development
ToP training course (GFM, PSP)
Non ToP course (social artistry leadership training)
Other courses- Community development and fundraising; Community responses to HIV/AIDS
ICA Bangladesh started its journey of human development by offering a Group Facilitation Skills training program in 2002 ttended by then ICAI Vice President for Asia and the Pacific Mr. Tatwa P. Timsina. This training was possible only for ICA Nepal’s support and it made 25 NGO professionals aware of ICA tools and techniques. Since then ICA Nepal has been serving as mentor ICA for ICA in Bangladesh.
Under the close cooperation and guidance of ICA Nepal, Dhaka ICA team led by Mr. Mohammad Azizur Rahman has been making efforts to establish ICA ToP (Technology of Participation) system in Bangladesh. Aziz is the person first learned how to start an ICA and has shown his tremendous potentialities for ICA work as recognized by Mr. Timsina (ICA Nepal), Mr. Shankar (ICA India) and Mr. John (ICA Australia) and Ms Judith (USA) and so on later on.

Facilitation and Trainings in Human Development

ICA Bangladesh delivered 13 ToP training courses for 260 participants throughout the country since 2005.
Dhaka ICA imparted 3-day in-house training on Basic ToP methods for 20 staffs of Association of Correction and Social Reclamation (ACSR). On 14 August 2007, ACSR Secretary General Professor Dr. Abdul Hakim Sarker, Ms. Nicolien-van-Eisjeck from the Netherlands Embassy, the Chief Guest and Concern Worldwide Bangladesh Assistant Country Director Oliver Walkeline were present in the inaugural session of the training. Dhaka ICA offered another in-house Participatory Strategic Planning course for 25 staffs of Concern Worldwide Bangladesh on 4-6 November 2007. Dhaka ICA conducted a Two-day long “Team building workshop for joint team members” on 20th March at the Radius Centre Conference Room at Bay’s Galleria, Gulshan under the auspices of UNAIDS Bangladesh, twenty five participants including UNAIDS Bangladesh country coordinator Dan Odello, advisor Lazeena Muna and consultant Farida Hossain from UNAIDS, relevant UN agencies, CARE Bangladesh, Concern Worldwide and NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS took part in the workshop. The workshop resulted in the visioning, directions and actions by the UNAIDS joint teams members.
During 14-17 February 2007 Dhaka ICA organized a training program on Methods of Effective Participation and Methods for Effective Living and Leadership and Community Development at National Institute of Local Government (NILG), Dhaka facilitated by Nelson, Elaine and Shubhnarain. Twenty participants from ICA Bangladesh, VERC, UCEP Bangladesh, IHDOB, University of Dhaka, and Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University attended the training. Richard and Maria Maguires facilitated a ToP training program on GFM and PSP during 4-15 March 2007 at Pacific Inn Hotel, Banani, Dhaka. Fifteen participants from ICA Bangladesh, Hunger Free World, Action Aid Bangladesh, and Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Urban Development Directorate, UCEP Bangladesh participated in the training program. ICA Bangladesh organized a two-day Training of Trainers (ToT) during 18-19 March at Pacific Inn, Banani, Dhaka. Fifteen participants were in the ToT training workshop.
Dhaka ICA is going to offer public courses on ToP in December 2008 following the training calendar. The courses are three-day training in Group Facilitation Methods (GFM) and three-day Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP). The probable dates are 4-6 December, 13-15 December and 18-20 December and 21-23 December. In January-February 2008, three courses GFM, PSP, and Leadership Development in Organizations, and Teambuilding were included in the 2008 Training calendar. Maria and Richard Maguire and Lawrence and Evelyn Philbrook will volunteer in December 2007 and January 2008 respectively.
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